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Snowflake key pair authentication

Availability information

Key pair authentication for Snowflake is on by default.

Feature flag: Enable Snowflake Key-pair Authentication

Now available for public preview, you can create a Snowflake data connection using the key pair authentication method—a Snowflake username and private key—as an alternative to basic authentication.


The following is required before connecting to Snowflake in DataRobot:

  • A Snowflake account
  • A private key file (for instructions on generating a private key, see the Snowflake documentation)

Set up the connection in DataRobot

The tabs below show how to configure a Snowflake data connection using key pair authentication:

When creating a Snowflake data connection in DataRobot Classic, select Key-pair as your credential type. Then, fill in the required parameters.

When creating a Snowflake data connection in Workbench, select Key-pair as your credential type. Then, fill in the required parameters.

Required parameters

In addition to the required fields listed below, you can learn about other available configuration options in the Snowflake documentation.

Required field Description
Username A unique identifier of a user inside a Snowflake account (i.e., the name you use to log into Snowflake).
Private key The string copied from your private key file.
Display name A unique identifier for your Snowflake credentials within DataRobot.

For more information on Snowflake key pair authentication, including generating private keys and configuring key pair authentication in Snowflake, see the Snowflake documentation.


Problem Solution Instructions
When attempting to execute an operation in DataRobot, the firewall requests that you clear the IP address each time. Add all whitelisted IPs for DataRobot. See Source IP addresses for whitelisting. If you've already added the whitelisted IPs, check the existing IPs for completeness.
DataRobot returns the following error message when attempting to authenticate Snowflake credentials:

Incorrect username or password was specified.
Confirm that your parameters are valid; if they are, use the recommended driver version. Check the username, private key, and passphrase; if all parameters are valid, use the recommended driver version from the dropdown under Show additional parameters > Driver.

If you are using driver version 3.13.9:
  1. Click Show additional parameters.
  2. Click Add parameter and select account.
  3. Enter your account name in the field.

For more information, see the Snowflake community article.

Updated August 9, 2023
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