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Manage external model packages

There are several options available in the Actions menu, which can be accessed for each model package in the Model Packages tab of the Model Registry:

The available options depend on a variety of criteria, including user permissions and the data available to your model package:

Option Description
Deploy Select + Deploy to create a deployment from a model package. For external models, you can create an external deployment.
Share The sharing capability allows appropriate user roles to grant permissions on a model package. To share a model package, select the Share () action.
You can only share up to your own access level (a consumer cannot grant an editor role, for example) and you cannot downgrade the access of a collaborator with a higher access level than your own.
Permanently Archive If you have the appropriate permissions, you can select Permanently Archive to archive a model package, which also removes it from the Model Packages list.

Updated September 7, 2022
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