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Applications Gallery (Deprecated)

AI applications are hosted on the Applications page. Each available application is detailed in the Applications Gallery.

For each application, you can choose Launch to deploy an application and Learn more to get a preview of how an application works:

From this page, you can:

  • Read a description of an application (1)
  • View screenshots of an application (2)
  • Read an example use of an application( 3)
  • Download data from the use case (4)
  • Launch and deploy an application (5)

Deploy an application

Why would you deploy an application in DataRobot? You may be interested in making DataRobot predictions more widely available to a larger group without the constraints of training users on all the details of DataRobot and acquiring additional DataRobot licenses. Automated applications make this possible with access to a simple UI that can broaden your organization’s ability to use DataRobot’s predictions.

In brief, automated applications:

  • Can be easily shared with many users, including those who don’t have access to the DataRobot application.
  • Have a limited UI with a directed workflow so users can understand quickly.
  • Allow many users to access the same dataset and modeling to make predictions, promoting consistency across your organization.


Only five apps can be deployed per user.

To create an application from the Gallery:

  1. Navigate to Applications > Applications Gallery.

  2. The gallery contains a collection of applications from which you can deploy. Choose your desired application and click Launch from its tile.

  3. A dialog box appears, prompting you to provide some information about the application. Name the application, select a configuration method, and complete the required fields:

    • Data source: Data source configuration allows you to create an application without a project. To do so, select a dataset from the AI Catalog. Then, in the Predictor field, select the column containing the target you want to predict from the dropdown menu.

    • Model deployment: Model deployment configuration allows you to launch an application using an existing deployment. To do so, select a deployment from the dropdown menu in the Deployment field. Note that you must be an owner of the deployment in order to launch an application from it.

  4. When all fields are complete, click Launch to deploy the application.

You are taken to the Current Applications page while the application deploys. It appears on this page when it is complete.

Updated October 26, 2021
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