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Excel Add-in

DataRobot licensed users can install an Excel add-in to help harness the power of DataRobot within a familiar Excel environment.


The DataRobot Excel Add-In supports Microsoft Excel client-installed (not cloud-based) Windows versions 2010 through Office 365. It requires .NET version 4.6.1. If you have the dependency installed, you can simply run the .msi installer; otherwise, run setup.exe first to install all required dependencies, then run the installer. Note also that the Excel Add-in functionality is not available for time series projects.

The DataRobot Excel add-in enables you to:

  • Orchestrate model training, validating, and selection
  • Deploy models to a dedicated prediction server
  • Leverage model monitoring to track a deployment's health and accuracy over time
  • Get predictions (including, optionally, Prediction Explanations)

To get started:

  1. Download the Excel Add-in.

  2. Follow the instructions to install and use the tool.

When the installation finishes, a DataRobot ribbon will be available under the Excel menu options.

Updated October 26, 2021
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