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Time series Predictor Details page

Availability information

The Details page for time series Predictor applications, now available for public preview, is off by default. Contact your DataRobot representative or administrator for information on enabling the feature.

Feature flag: Enable Application Builder Time Series Predictor Details Page

In time series Predictor AI apps, you can now view details for separate predictions as well as segmented analysis by forecast distance in the Time Series Forecasting widget. Previously, the widget only displayed values for prediction, residuals, and actuals, and the top three Prediction Explanations.

However, now when you click on a prediction in either the Predictions vs Actuals or Prediction Explanations chart, a new page opens with the following forecast details for the selected date:

  • (1) The average prediction value in the forecast window.
  • (2) Up to 10 Prediction Explanations for each prediction.
  • (3) Segmented analysis for each forecast distance within the forecast window.
  • (4) Prediction Explanations for each forecast distance included in the segmented analysis.

Click the arrow next to Forecast details to return to the main application.

Updated September 23, 2022
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