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Tools for Alteryx

DataRobot allows you to create projects and make predictions with the Alteryx Python tool. To do so, execute the code outlined below.

from ayx import Alteryx
from ayx import Package

import datarobot as dr
dr.Client(endpoint="", token="your_dr_api_key")

training_data ="#1")
dataset = dr.Dataset.create_from_in_memory_data(data_frame=training_data, fname="Some Dataset Name")
project = dr.Project.create_from_dataset(, project_name="New Project Name")

After running the code above, you can interact further with the project via Python code, or you can switch over to the DataRobot UI to find new data artifacts ready for modeling. Here are some links to helpful documentation:

See the following documents for more information:

Updated March 1, 2024