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Multiple DR Reduced Features lists

Robot 1

Can I have multiple DR Reduced Features lists for one project?

Hi team, can I have multiple DR Reduced Features lists for one project? I would like to create the DR Reduced Features based on a feature list after Autopilot completes. But I don’t see DR Reduced Feature created when I retrain the model on a new feature list through “Configure Modeling Settings”.

Robot 2

You can have a new reduced feature list but only if there is a new most accurate model. We don't base the recommendation stages on the specific Autopilot run. You can take the new best model and, under the Deploy tab, prepare it for deployment. This will run through all of the stages, including a reduced feature list stage. Note that not all feature lists can be reduced, so this stage might be skipped.

Robot 3

Robot 1, you can manually make a reduced feature list from Feature Impact for any model:

  1. Run Feature Impact.
  2. Hit "Create feature list".
  3. Choose the number of features you want.
  4. Check “exclude redundant features” option (it only shows up if there are redundant features.
  5. Name the feature list.
  6. Click to create!

Updated July 24, 2023
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