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Select a target

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to select the target feature in a project.

The model building phase of the project begins with selecting a target feature, in other words, the column in your dataset that captures what you would like to predict. Once you select a target, additional configuration options become available.


This tutorial explains:

  • How to select a target feature
  • Available actions after target selection

Select a target feature

You can begin building a project after importing a training dataset to DataRobot, which takes you to the Data tab.

  1. Consider your use case, and begin typing the name of the target feature you would like to predict below What would you like to predict.

  2. Select the target from the dropdown.


    If you're unsure of the target feature name, scroll down to view a list of every feature in the training dataset.

    Once selected, DataRobot automatically analyzes the training dataset, determines the project type (classification if the dataset has categories or regression if the target is numerical), and displays the distribution of the target feature.

    The other Start screen configuration options also become available, including modeling modes and advanced modeling options.

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Updated August 26, 2022
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