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Prepare learning data

The content in this section provides quick FAQ answers as well as task-based tutorials for achieving common data preparation and management tasks.

Topic Describes how to...
Import data to DataRobot Learn guidelines for importing data, and walk through import methods using the DataRobot interface.
Manage data with the AI Catalog Learn how to add data to the AI Catalog, including using Spark SQL to blend data from multiple data sources.
Assess data quality during EDA Assess the quality of your data during each phase of Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA).
Work with feature lists View the feature lists DataRobot builds and create your own custom feature lists.
Analyze features using histograms Analyze the distribution of a feature's values and investigate outliers.
Analyze frequent values Look into the values that appear most and least frequently for a feature.
Analyze feature associations Use a Feature Association matrix to visualize feature relationships and clusters.
Enrich data using Feature Discovery Join datasets to allow DataRobot to discover and engineer new features.

Updated May 11, 2023
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