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Export datasets

You can export datasets and AnswerSets out of Data Prep to a file on your computer or to a connected data source. Exporting your data gives you the flexibility to share your data with other people or other systems.

Export a dataset

To export a dataset or AnswerSet:

  1. On the Library page, hover over the dataset you want to export and click Export.

  2. On the Exporting page, select a Data Source or click Download locally.

  3. In the Export Settings pane, adjust the settings as needed.

  4. Click Export.

The dataset is exported to the location you specified.

Adjust the export settings

The export settings allow you to define the structure of your dataset for export. The settings available for a dataset depend on the format you’ve chosen for the export.

The following are a few of the frequent and more basic settings you can adjust:

Action Steps
Adjust the format of the dataset. Select the format you want to apply to the dataset from the Format menu.
Update the name of the dataset. Type the new name in the Name field.
Update the character set used.

Note: Change from an English character set to Japanese character set.
Select a different character encoding from the Character encoding menu.

Note: The byte order mark (BOM), also known as the unicode signature BOM, particularly applies to extended character sets like UTF-16 and UTF-32.

Updated April 12, 2022
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