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Data Prep projects

In Data Prep, you explore and prepare your data in a Project. This topic walks you through the top-level Projects page, as well as the Project Preparation page for an individual project.

Projects page

The Projects page is the home page where you land after logging into Data Prep.

Note that if you want to open your Library page where your datasets are saved, click the menu in the top left and select Library.

The following table describes the sections of the Projects page.

Action Description
+ Add Project Create a new project. Provide a unique name and, optionally, a description. Once you create the project, you can import data.
Recently Active Recently active projects are listed at the top of the page. Click a project's name to open it.
All Projects inventory All projects are listed here. Note they are ordered, by default, based on the most recently updated projects. You can order the list based on project names by clicking the Name column header. You can order the list based on the date the project was updated or created by clicking the column headers for Updated or Created.
Search Click the magnifying glass icon to search for projects by name.
Notification icon Indicates when the application has generated a message or error. When the icon is highlighted, mouse over it to view any messages.
  • Show/Hide: Opens and closes the application's in-line help menu.
  • What's New: Opens a summarized list of all new features in the current application release.
  • Getting Started: Opens the new user guide.
  • Help Shelf: Opens the home page for all help documentation.
  • Feedback: Opens email to contact DataRobot's Customer Success team.
User menu
  • My account: Displays your account information and provides the option to change your password.
  • Tokens: Generates tokens that are used to manage application access and authorization. Your DataRobot System Administrator will let you know when you need to generate tokens.
  • About: Displays details of the current application version numbers.
  • Logout: Logs you out of the application.

Recent projects

Your recent projects appear as tiles under Recently Active:

Each project tile has the following controls:

Action Description
Delete Project Click the red X icon on the upper left to delete a project. Click Okay in the confirmation box. You can only delete the projects you created.
Edit name or description Edit a project’s name and description.
Copy latest version of this Project Duplicate the project.
Download Project Report Download a Project Report file (in Word format). The Report file contains the project name and metadata, the column data, and the transformation steps used to prep the data.

Project Preparation page

You open a project by clicking on the dataset or its Recently Active tile on the Projects page, or by creating a project on the Library page. The Project Preparation page displays and you can prep your dataset.

The following table describes the sections of the Project Preparation page.

Action Description
Project name The name you gave your project will display here.
Tools bar Use the project tools to clean, shape, combine, and ultimately prep your data.
Steps tool Every action you perform while prepping your data is logged as a step. The Steps tool allows you to:
  • View your steps in order.
  • Mute a step.
  • Edit what happens during a step.
  • Rearrange the order of your data preparation steps.
  • Delete steps.
Versions tool Any time you save your project, a new version is created. The Versions tool lets you access previous versions of your project.
Data Preview View changes to your data as you prep it.
Column menu Click to open the column menu. Use column operations to clean and standardize your data.
Grid tools and status updates Grid tools allow to you locate specific columns in your dataset, specify column widths and adjust how cell text displays. Status updates display when transformations that affect the Data Preview grid or filters are in progress. Note that the number of tasks displayed in the update messages may dynamically change as an operation progresses toward completion.

Updated April 12, 2022
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