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Computed column functions

You can add columns to your Data Prep project by applying functions to existing columns. The following pages provide syntax and examples for the computed column functions used with the Compute tool.

Topic Describes ...
Date/Time functions Apply date/time functions to existing columns to create new columns.
Informational functions Query column data to check for particular values, for example, you can find the first nonblank column value or check for blanks and null values.
Logical functions Evaluate logical functions on column values, such as AND, OR, and NOT.
Mathematical functions Evaluate math functions on column values and store the new column values as numeric data types.
Statistical functions Evaluate statistical functions on column values, such as AVERAGE, MAX, MIN, MEDIAN, MODE, and STDEV.
Text functions Operate on text columns using functions like CHAR for converting from ASCII values to a character, CONCATENATE for combining strings, and FIND for finding a string inside of a string.
Comparison operators Test logical operations using functions like =, >, >=, and <>.
Custom column functions Apply column functions developed by your organization (on-premise installations only).

Updated April 12, 2022
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