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Autonumber rows

The Data Prep Auto # tool lets you assign each row a number. This tool is helpful if you need to give each row a unique identifier. The Auto # tool creates a new column that autonumbers the rows.

The Auto # tool gives each row a unique identifier so it is useful when you need to:

  • Track your dataset's original order.
  • Assign row identifiers to your dataset.

Work with the Auto # tool

To access the Auto # tool, click auto # in the project Tools bar:

Add an autonumbered column

To add an autonumbered column:

  1. From the Tools bar, click auto #.

    The Auto-Number pane appears.

  2. Enter a name for the autonumbered column you are adding.

    The default name is "New Column(#)" where # starts as 1 and increments for each new autonumbered column.

  3. To bind your autonumbered column to the sort order of an existing column in your dataset, click the header of the column you want to select.

    The column is listed in the sorted by field.

  4. To add more sort columns, hold SHIFT and, from the column you want to add, hover over the column menu and click Sort by ascending or Sort by descending.

  5. To remove columns you have selected for sorting, click the X icon adjacent to the column name in the Auto-Number pane.

Updated April 12, 2022
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