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Work with project tools

Data Prep provides many tools to help you clean, shape, combine, and ultimately prep your data. Access these tools in the project Tools bar:

These pages describe the project tools:

Topic Describes...
Edit steps View, edit, add, rearrange, and delete steps within a project.
Manage project versions Review the version histories of a project.
Highlight data Highlight patterns, spaces, and numeric ranges, then use column operations to update values.
Attach datasets Perform lookup, join, and append operations on your dataset.
Update columns Edit the column names, their order, and their availability in a project.
Compute columns Compute columns using functions to create a new column.
Group with windows Group rows to perform aggregations, shifting, and ranking.
Remove rows Remove rows that don't meet your needs.
Sample data Sample project data.
Shape data Use data shaping tools to deduplicate, group, transpose, and pivot data.
Autonumber rows Generate a new column that autonumbers the rows of your dataset.
Make predictions Learn how to score your data using the predict tool.
Transform your data with Spark SQL Perform data transformations using Spark SQL.
Create a DataRobot project from a DR lens Use the Data Prep Build tool to create a DataRobot machine learning project from a Data Prep DR lens.
Use lenses to select steps for publishing Identify steps to be published to AnswerSets using lenses.

Updated April 12, 2022
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