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Paxata Data Prep

DataRobot Data Prep lets you gather, explore, and prepare data from multiple sources for machine learning. You can save and share your data and the steps you used to prepare it.

When you think about DataRobot Data Prep, think:

  • Libraries where you save the datasets you prep
  • Projects where you perform your data prep
  • Data that you import, clean, and combine

These sections describe how to work with Data Prep to clean and prepare your data for machine learning:

Topic Describes...
Getting started with Data Prep Complete the Data Prep quickstart and tour the basics of the Data Prep Library and Projects.
Data Prep data connections Configure Data Prep connectors.
Working with datasets Import datasets and perform other dataset operations such as exporting, profiling, and updating.
Working with Project tools Use Data Prep Project tools to clean and shape your data.
Working with column data Update the data in columns using a wide range of column operations.
Connecting to data sources Configure your data source connections so that you can import data from and export data to external systems.
Automation and operationalization Employ workflow automations to reduce the number of repetitive tasks taken to produce AnswerSets.
Advanced topics Create ClicktoPrep links, use interactive mode, and understand Data Prep infrastructure and application security.

Updated April 27, 2022
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