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The sections within describe techniques for integrating third-party products and platforms with DataRobot:

Topic Describes...
Alteryx Creating projects and make predictions without leaving the Alteryx interface.
AWS Integrating DataRobot with Amazon Web Services.
Azure Integrating DataRobot with Azure cloud services.
Google Integrating DataRobot with Google Kubernetes and cloud platforms.
Snowflake Integrating DataRobot with Snowflake's Data Cloud.
Tableau extension URL Modifying the extension configuration to work with DataRobot.
Android for Scoring Code Using DataRobot Scoring Code on Android.
Apache Spark API for Scoring Code Using the Spark API to integrate DataRobot Scoring Code JARs into Spark clusters.


The Microsoft Excel Add-In was deprecated in June 2022 and was removed from the product in the July 2022 release.

Updated December 28, 2022
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