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Version 7.3.3

January 17, 2022

The DataRobot v7.3.3 release includes some fixed issues in the DataRobot on-premise platform. See the v7.3.0 release notes for:

Issues fixed in v7.3.3

The following issues have been fixed since Enterprise release v7.3.2:


  • PLT-5635: Fixes an issue affecting LDAP group mapping when an update has been made to the system-level group’s settings and/or permissions post creation.
  • PLT-5365: Fixes an issue where EMC ECS S3-compatible storage integration would give "SSL validation failed."

Feature Discovery

  • SAFER-4504: Fixes an issue where relationships could not be saved for some JDBC datasets in Feature Discovery projects.


  • CODEGEN-1253: Replaces log4j in Scoring Code JARs with sl4fj-simple.

Updated May 25, 2022
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