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Version 2021.1

The Data Prep Version 2021.1 release contains the following features and enhancements.

Predict tool new features and enhancements

  • The Data Prep Predict tool can now consume prediction explanation from DataRobot time-series models.
  • The Predict tool to show probability for predicted class only, or both classes (default).
  • The DataRobot REST endpoints from which predictions are fetched were changed to /prediction; requires DataRobot 6.2 or above.
  • Prediction steps now request the expected date format from DataRobot before making a request for predictions.
  • Checkpoint functionality has been added to the Prediction tool so that when the Save button is clicked, all predictions are obtained from the DataRobot prediction servers.
  • The option to remove one of the prediction columns was introduced for regression models.
  • The Predict tool now lets you sort prediction explanations by the absolute value of the strength of the factor.
  • Support was introduced for Shapley value prediction explanations.
  • Anomaly models now automatically detect whether or not a deployment is of a time-series model.
  • Scoring Code can now be controlled via a guardrail.
  • The Predict tool can better detect the series id for multi-series projects.
  • Prediction explanations are now available for regression models.
  • The prediction explanation label columns have been removed.

See also the Predict tool documentation.

Automatic Project Flows new features and enhancements

  • A new endpoint has been added to update the project(s) within a given APF to the latest compatible version.
  • The default sort order for APF has changed to descending Start Date.
  • The Completed section is hidden for in progress flows, which reduces clutter.
  • Filtering by "Running" state and "Didn't run" state have been added.
  • You can now view entities such as Flows, Snapshots, and Runs in "Running" and "Didn't Run" states.

See also the Automatic Project Flows documentation.

REST API new features and enhancements

  • All rest endpoints under /rest/library/data now support filtering and pagination Refer to the Data Prep REST API documentation for details on these new features and enhancements.

Project new features and enhancements

  • Click the Detect Date Format button to get the most popular data format from the data of the selected column(s).
  • Click the Validate First 1000 Rows button to validate the date format against the first 1,000 rows of data of the selected column(s).

Refer to the tool tip that pops up when picking the date format or mousing over the DateFormat dropdown.

Cluster and Edit new features and enhancements

A guardrail was added for Data Prep admins to describe which hash functions are visible in the Cluster and Edit dropdown.

See also the Cluster and Edit documentation.

YARN Ephemeral Pipelines

  • On-premise / VPC only
  • Scalable, on-demand, right-sized interactive pipelines managed by YARN

For complete details, refer to the On-Premise Admin Guide.

Support for ADLS Gen2 Library Storage

  • On-premise / VPC only

For complete details, refer to the On-Premise Admin Guide.

Resolved in this update

  • Some REST query responses where truncated. This occurred for datafiles with non-standard characters in column names and in delimiters of delimiter-separated values. The datafiles were truncated to just the first datafiles that didn't exhibit the behavior. The offending datafile and other following datafiles were not returned. This error was fixed so that non-standard characters do not affect the return result in any way. Original issue reported under jira ticket: DATAPREP-764.
  • There is improved Delete messaging to warn that an action cannot be undone. Original issue reported under jira ticket: DATAPREP-1490.
  • Logging has been added to capture successful password changes including timestamps. Original issue reported under jira ticket: DATAPREP-543.
  • An APF ticket can now be used to fetch the associated Run. Original issue reported under jira ticket: DATAPREP-603.

Application and connector support

Browser support

  • Google Chrome Version 89.0.4389.90 (Official Build) (64-bit) for Mac and Windows
  • Mozilla Firefox: Extended Support Release (ESR) 78.8.0 (64-bit) for Mac and Windows


    The minimum resolution for the Data Prep application is 1024x768.

  • Refer to the Data Source Support Matrix for details on supported connectors and file formats.

Updated May 25, 2022
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