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Version 2021.2

October 29, 2021

The Data Prep Version 2021.2 release contains the following features and enhancements.

Create DataRobot projects using DR lenses

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To create a DataRobot project from the Data Prep application, your Data Prep administrator must enable the DR lens feature.

After prepping your data, you can create a DataRobot project directly from Data Prep and start modeling in DataRobot. To do this, use the Data Prep Build tool.

To access the Build tool, click the DataRobot icon in the Tools bar and select build:

To create a DataRobot project, you first create a DR lens. See the Build tool documentation to learn how to create a DataRobot project in Data Prep using a DR lens.

Transform data using the Spark SQL tool

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Your Data Prep administrator must enable the Spark SQL tool.

You can transform data using the new Data Prep Spark SQL tool.

To access the Spark SQL tool, click spark sql in the project Tools bar. Then, enter SQL queries in the Spark SQL Statement pane.

See the Spark SQL tool documentation to learn how to use the tool and the Data Prep Spark SQL guidelines for usage details.

Automatic Project Flows enhancement

In previous versions of Data Prep, when you updated an APF with the latest project versions, Data Prep created a new APF version. Now you have the option of overwriting the existing APF with the updated project versions. When you select Update Project Versions, you are prompted to confirm your selection:

If you don't want to overwrite the APF, you can instead create a new APF.

See how to update a Flow with the latest project versions.

Support for AWS Linux 2

Support for Amazon Linux 2 has been added in Data Prep release 2021.2. See Data Prep Platform Support Matrix for information on other supported platforms.

Custom functions (for on-premise installations)

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The Custom Functions feature is only available for on-premise and virtual private cloud installations.

The Data Prep Compute tool allows users to apply built-in functions, such as factorial and exp, to column data. Organizations can also create and upload their own custom functions for use with the Compute tool.

See the Custom column function documentation to learn how to use custom functions with the Compute tool. For details on developing and installing custom functions, access the Data Prep Application Administration Guide on

Issues fixed in v2021.2

  • Roles were not being displayed in the Data Prep UI for users who were auto-provisioned through the SAML domain. This issue has been resolved. Original issue reported in JIRA ticket: DATAPREP-2676.

Updated May 25, 2022
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