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Forecast point policies in job definitions

Availability information

The time series forecast point policy feature, available as a public preview feature, is off by default. Contact your DataRobot representative or administrator for information on enabling the feature.

Feature flag: Enable Forecast Point Policy for Time Series Job Definitions

With time series projects, you specify the forecast point from which you are making a prediction. Historically, forecast points were set to a specific time, either automatically by DataRobot or manually. Now, you can specify a forecast point relative to the start time of a scheduled prediction job.

Set a relative forecast point in a batch prediction job definition

When you create a recurring batch prediction job for a deployment, you have the option of setting a forecast point. This section shows how to schedule a batch prediction job and specify a forecast point relative to the start time. Relative forecast points are only applicable to recurring batch prediction jobs, not to one-time jobs.

To create a job description using a relative forecast point:

  1. In a deployment, navigate to the Predictions > Job Definitions tab. Under New Prediction Job Definition, click + Add job definition.

  2. Set up a recurring batch job prediction by specifying the following:

    • Prediction job definition name
    • Prediction source
    • Prediction options
    • Prediction destination
  3. Under Time series options, for Time series prediction method, select Forecast point.

  4. For Forecast point selection method, select Relative. For Offset, select the number of Months, Days, Hours, and Minutes by which to offset the forecast point.

  5. Click Before job time or After job time, depending on how you want the offset applied.

  6. Schedule the prediction job.

  7. Click Save prediction job definition.

The forecast point is offset by the specified time—before or after the start of the job, depending on your selected preference.

Updated May 4, 2022
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