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Time series What-if applications

Availability information

Support for time series What-if applications, available as a public preview feature, is off by default. Contact your DataRobot representative or administrator for information on enabling the feature.

Feature flag: Enable Application Builder Time Series What-If Support

The No-Code AI Apps now support What-if applications for time series deployments, allowing you to create simulations to visualize how adjusting known in advance features affects the forecasted prediction. With the time series What-if widget, you can try out various scenarios, for example, what if you launch a sales campaign on a Monday versus a Friday.

Create an application

Before starting, review the considerations and deployment settings for time series applications because some options must be set up prior to model building. Known in advance features are also required for What-if applications.

Create an application from your time series deployment. When prompted to choose an application template, select What-if.

On the resulting sign in page, click Sign in with DataRobot, then cick Authorize to open your application in the No Code App Builder.

By default, the application includes three widgets:

Widget Description
Add Data Allows you to upload and score prediction files.
Time Series Forecasting Visualizes predictions, actuals, residuals, and forecast data on the Predicted vs Actuals and Prediction Explanations over time charts.
What-if Allows you to create, adjust, and save simulations using known in advance features.

Customize the What-if widget

The application automatically opens in Build mode, where you can modify the configuration of your widgets. Select the What-if widget to access the following tabs:

Allows you to specify which known in advance features can be used to create scenarios. Click Manage to add or remove features.

Allows you to rename the widget and enable the option to add aggregate predictions for each scenario.

Consume insights

Click the Consume tab and upload your prediction files; all time series widgets remain empty until predictions are scored.

Once the application finishes scoring predictions, the What-if widget displays a forecast line and you can begin creating new scenarios; click Add Scenario.

In the resulting window, select a date range for the scenario using the date selector (1), or by populating the date fields (2).

The project's known in advance features are listed on the right side of the widget. In the time series What-if widget, these features serve as your flexible features—features you have control over, for example, launching a marketing campaign on a holiday versus a non-holiday. To create your scenario, enter new values for the features and click Save.

Continue creating new scenarios one at a time by adjusting these values until you find one that maximizes the prediction score.

Updated June 1, 2022
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