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MLOps public preview features

This section provides preliminary documentation for features currently in the MLOps public preview pipeline. They have been tested within the engineering and quality environments and are available for preview by a limited number of users. If not enabled for your organization, the feature is not visible. Note that functionality or documentation specifics are subject to change.

Availability information

Contact your DataRobot representative or administrator for information on enabling or disabling public preview features.

Available MLOps public preview documentation

Public preview for... Describes...
Automatic retraining (Continuous AI) Maintain model performance after deployment via automatic retraining.
Tableau Analytics Extension for deployments Use the Tableau analytics extension to integrate DataRobot predictions into your Tableau project.
Reset deployment analytics Reset the logged analytics for a deployment.
Add files to a custom model from GitLab Use a GitLab repository to pull files and include them in the model.
Model Registry compliance documentation Generate automated compliance documentation for models from the Model Registry.
BigQuery support in batch predictions Use the BigQuery REST API for batch predictions.
MLOps management agent Automate model deployment to any type of infrastructure and monitor deployment events.
Accelerate decision-making with Decision Intelligence Flows Build, manage, and monitor decision flows for production models.

Updated November 18, 2021
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