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Model Registry compliance documentation

Availability information

Compliance documentation for the model registry is not available by default. Contact your DataRobot representative or administrator for information on enabling the feature.

Feature flags: Enable Compliance Documentation, Show Uncensored Blueprints, Enable compliance documentation for Model Registry, and Enable Unified Custom Model Predictions

Now available as a public preview feature, you can generate Automated Compliance Documentation for models from the Model Registry, accelerating any pre-deployment review and sign-off that could be necessary for your organization. DataRobot automates many critical compliance tasks associated with developing a model and, by doing so, decreases the time-to-deployment in highly regulated industries. You can generate, for each model, individualized documentation to provide comprehensive guidance on what constitutes effective model risk management. Then, you can download the report as an editable Microsoft Word document (DOCX). The generated report includes the appropriate level of information and transparency necessitated by regulatory compliance demands.

The model compliance report is not prescriptive in format and content, but rather serves as a guide in creating sufficiently rigorous model development, implementation, and use documentation. The documentation provides enough evidence to show that the components of the model work as intended, the model is appropriate for its intended business purpose, and the model is conceptually sound. In short, the report is the foundation required for completing the Federal Reserve System's SR 11-7: Guidance on Model Risk Management.

Register a model package

To generate compliance documentation from the Model Registry, register the model package for the model for which you want documentation. You can generate compliance documentation from model packages for the following types of models:

  • DataRobot models trained with AutoML. Select the model from the Leaderboard, navigate to the Deploy tab, and click Add to Model Registry.

  • Custom inference models with training data provided. After testing a custom model, deploy it as a model package.


You cannot generate compliance documentation for external model packages due to DataRobot's lack of access to an external model's code for making predictions.

Generate compliance documentation

After registering a model package, you can generate compliance documentation for the model. In the Model Registry, select it and navigate to the Compliance tab.

To generate compliance documentation, click Create Report. DataRobot uses an industry-compliant template for model transparency. You will see an indicator that DataRobot is creating the report.

After a few minutes, the compliance DOCX file is generated.

Click the Download () icon to save the DOCX file to your system. To preview the document, select the eye icon (). To delete the document, select the trash icon (.


Note that when model packages are shared with users, all generated compliance documentation for the model is also shared.

Updated September 28, 2021
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