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Reset deployment analytics

Availability information

Resetting deployment analytics is disabled by default. Contact your DataRobot representative or administrator for information on enabling the feature.

Feature flag: Enable ability to reset deployment statistics

Deployments collect a variety of statistics for a model, including accuracy, error rate, data drift, and more. You may want to configure and test a deployed model before pushing a production workload on it to see if, for example, predictions perform well on data similar to that which you would upload for production. After testing a deployment, DataRobot allows you to reset the logged analytics, so you can separate testing data from live data without needing to recreate a deployment to start fresh.

Reset statistics

Choose a deployment for which you want to reset statistics from the inventory. Click the actions menu and select Clear statistics.

Complete the fields in the Clear Deployment Statistics window to configure the parameters of the reset.

Field Description
Model version to clear from Select the model version from which you want to clear statistics. If the model has not been replaced, there is only one option to choose from (the originally deployed model).
Data range to clear from Choose to either clear the entire history from the given model version, or specify a date range to wipe statistics from.
Reason for clearance Optional. Describe why the statistics were reset.
Confirm clearance Select the toggle to confirm that you understand you are removing analytics from the selected deployment.


If your organization has enabled the deployment approval workflow, then approval must be given before any monitoring data can be removed from a deployment.

After fully configuring the fields, click Clear statistics. DataRobot removes the monitoring data for the indicated time range from the deployment.

Updated September 28, 2021
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