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Use the API

The tutorials in this section provide quick, task-based instructions for the DataRobot API; a programmatic alternative to the web interface for creating and managing DataRobot projects. The API can be used via REST or with DataRobot’s Python or R clients in Windows, UNIX, and OS X environments.

Topic Describes how to...
Create API keys Register and manage multiple API keys within DataRobot.
Make Visual AI predictions via the API Configure scripting code for making batch predictions for a Visual AI model via the API.
Get a Prediction Server ID Learn how to retrieve a prediction server ID using cURL commands from the REST API or by using the DataRobot Python client to make predictions with a deployment.
Prediction Explanation clustering with R Identify and analyze the clusters present in a DataRobot model's Prediction Explanations using the DataRobot R client.
Make batch predictions with Azure Blob storage Use the DataRobot Python Client package to set up a batch prediction job that reads an input file for scoring from Azure Blob storage and then writes the results back to Azure.
Make batch predictions with Google Cloud Storage Learn how to read input data from and write predictions back to Google Cloud Storage.
Advanced feature selection with R Use R to accomplish feature selection by creating aggregated feature impact.

Updated December 17, 2021
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