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General reference

Is a Use Case just a folder?

No, it's more. Use Cases organize, provide a permission control mechanism, and are a collaborative space where teams can comment and review each other’s work. Use Cases make sure that your ML projects deliver actual business value.

What about our existing DataRobot projects?

They are still available in Classic DataRobot. Soon, as Workbench progresses (it's still in Preview, after all) DataRobot Classic project will become available in Workbench.

What is the reason for this change?

With Workbench, productivity will drastically improve. Streamlined experimentation tools, ease of organizing and collaborating, much easier model iteration, and effortless tracking will return significant time to your day.

Isn’t AutoML and experimentation available in both platforms?

DataRobot’s modeling technology is still top of the market. Workbench (Use Cases) make iteration even easier, leading to better models and higher ROI, faster. It’s not just about automating model building anymore, it’s about enabling experimentation.

Why are the features in Workbench not the same as DataRobot Classic?

Workbench is currently in Public Preview, so while its functionality is less comprehensive than DataRobot Classic, it will continuously to expand. Eventually, the functionality and all necessary features from DataRobot Classic will be brought into the new experience. Please share your feedback ( on what you want to see in Workbench!

Updated March 21, 2023
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