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This section pulls back the curtain to reveal what DataRobot employees talk about in Slack. No surprises here—data science is still top of mind.

Use case Description
Single- vs. multi-tenant SaaS What's the difference between the two deployment options with respect to DataRobot SaaS?
ACE score and row order How is sampling done in EDA2 when calculating ACE scores?
Redundant features explained What makes a feature redundant?
Import .tf or .keras? Have you looked at custom models?
N-grams and prediction confidence What tools help understand n-gram predictions?
GPU vs. CPU What's the difference between GPUs and CPUs?
Prediction Explanations on small data Can you get Prediction Explanations for a small dataset?
Neural nets and tabular data Do you need neural networks for tabular data?
PCA and K-Means clustering What's the impact of PCA on KMeans?
Default language change with Japanese Why did the default language change when modeling Japanese text features?
Let's talk target leakage Why might target leakage show intermittently?
Normalizing for monotonicity Can you help me with monotonicity?
An interesting way to use a payoff matrix Consider justifying cost vs. identifying profit drivers.
Target transforms How does transforming your target help ML models?
Dynamic time warping What should I look out for with dynamic time warping?
Multiple reduced feature lists Can I have multiple Reduced Features lists for one project?
NPS in DataRobot Has anyone worked with net promoter scores (NPS)?

Updated March 3, 2023
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