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Business accelerators

This section provides access to a catalog of UI-based, end-to-end walkthroughs, based on best practices and patterns, that address common industry-specific problems.

Use case Description
Business application briefs A variety of quick summary applications with an accompanying No-Code AI App to provide an overview of possible uses.
Visual app development and process automation Connects DataRobot deployments to SAP Build Process Automation.
Purchase card fraud detection Helps organizations that employ purchase cards for procurement to monitor for fraud and misuse.
Likelihood of a loan default Helps minimize risk by predicting the likelihood that a borrower will not repay their loan.
Late shipment predictions Helps supply chain managers can evaluate root cause and then implement short-term and long-term adjustments that prevent shipping delays.
Reduce hospital readmission rates Helps to reduce the 30-Day readmissions rate by predicting at-risk patients.
Triage insurance claim Helps insurers assess claim complexity and severity as early as possible for optimized routing and handling.
Fraudulent claim detection Helps reduce the risk of fraudulent claims while increasing claim efficienecy processing.

Updated February 5, 2024