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Get started with DataRobot's value-driven AI in short summaries or task-oriented walkthroughs.

Topic Describes...
Workbench in 5 Five basic steps to building AI models and making predictions.
Code-first in 5 A quick overview of coding with DataRobot and leveraging AI accelerators to quickly engage in code-first machine learning workflows.
Model-building walkthrough Use a hospital readmissions dataset to learn about wrangling data, building models, and creating no-code applications.
GenAI walkthrough Create and compare LLM blueprints and RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) workflows.
Operate and govern walkthrough Leveraging the model building walkthrough, learn to register and monitor those models.
AI accelerator walkthrough Leveraging the DataRobot Notebooks platform, learn how to execute a code-first use case.

Updated April 6, 2024