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NextGen experience

The components and workflows of the NextGen interface are described in the following sections:

Topic Describes...
Getting started What is Workbench? Learn about the interface architecture.
Use Cases Learn about Workbench Use Cases.
Data preparation Learn how to connect, import, and wrangle your data.
Experiments Learn how to create, compare, and manage experiments.
Predictions Learn how to make predictions in Workbench.
Applications Learn how to configure AI-powered applications using a no-code interface.
Notebooks Learn how to access the in-browser editor to create and execute code for data science analysis and modeling.
Registry Learn how to register and manage models created during Workbench experimentation or models running on external infrastructure.
Model workshop Learn how to assemble and test model artifacts in the model workshop to deploy custom models through the Registry.
Jobs workshop Learn how to assemble custom jobs in the jobs workshop to implement automation for your models and deployments.
Console Learn how to leverage important management, monitoring, and governance features in a refreshed, modern user interface, familiar to users of MLOps features in DataRobot Classic.
Capability matrix An evolving comparison of capabilities available in DataRobot Classic and Workbench.

Updated May 17, 2024