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After you deploy a model to production in the DataRobot Console, you can make predictions closely managed and monitored by DataRobot. The predictions you make through a deployed model provide the data displayed on the deployment's service health, data drift, and accuracy tabs, in addition to any other configured functionality.

Topic Describes how to
Make predictions Make predictions with large datasets, providing input data and receiving predictions for each row in the output data.
Portable predictions Download and configure the Portable Prediction Server (PPS) or Scoring Code to make portable predictions.
Prediction API Adapt downloadable DataRobot Python code to submit a CSV or JSON file for scoring and integrate it into a production application via the Prediction API.
Monitoring Access monitoring snippets for agent-monitored external models deployed in Console.
Prediction intervals For time series deployments, enable and configure prediction intervals returned alongside the prediction response of deployed models.
Prediction jobs View and manage prediction job definitions for a deployment.

Updated June 6, 2024