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Configure notifications

On a deployment's Settings > Notifications tab, configure personal notifications to alert you when service health, data drift status, model accuracy, or fairness values exceed your defined acceptable levels. Notifications can trigger in-app alerts, emails, and webhooks. They are off by default but can be enabled by a deployment Owner in the deployment settings. Keep in mind that notifications only control whether emails are sent to subscribers. If notifications are disabled, monitoring of service health, data drift, accuracy, and fairness statistics still occurs. You can also schedule deployment reports from this tab.


Your control over notification settings depends on your deployment roleOwner or User. Both roles can set personal Deployment Notifications settings; however, only deployment Owners can set up schedules and thresholds. A deployment Consumer only receives a notification when a deployment is shared with them and when a previously shared deployment is deleted. They are not notified about other events.

To set the types of notifications you want to receive, on the Dashboard, open a deployment. Then, click the Settings > Notifications tab, set your Personal notification preferences, and click Save:

Monitoring actions, located on the deployment settings pages, set up schedules and thresholds to monitor the following:

Notifications are delivered as emails and must be set up for each deployment you want to monitor.

Updated April 3, 2024