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Custom environments

Availability information

Custom execution environment management in NextGen is on by default.

Feature flag: Enable Custom Execution Environments NextGen UI

To create a custom model, custom job, custom application, or a DataRobot Notebook, you must select an execution environment. By providing an environment separate from these artifacts, DataRobot can build the environment for you, allowing you to reuse the environment. An environment includes the required packages and language and system libraries.

Environment Description
Drop-in environments Contains the model, job, application, or notebook requirements and the file. DataRobot provides an array of drop-in environments.
Custom environments Does not contain the model, job, application, or notebook requirements or the file for the custom model. Instead, these requirements must be provided in the folder of the custom model you intend to use with the environment. You can create your own environment in the Environment workshop. You can also create a custom drop-in environment by including the Scoring Code and file in the environment folder.

Updated June 18, 2024