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DataRobot UI documentation

The UI docs tab describes workflow and reference material for the UI version of the DataRobot AI Platform, regardless of deployment type.

Resource Description
Workbench: Workbench, an organizational hierarchy that creates a Use Case as a top level concept and supports experimentation and sharing.
Data: Data management (import, transform, analyze, store) and the DataRobot Data Prep tool.
Modeling: Building, understanding, and analyzing models; time series modeling; business operations tools; a modeling reference.
Predictions: The prediction API and associated reference; Scoring Code guide; batch scoring methods; UI-based prediction methods.
MLOps: The pillars of the centralized hub for managing models in production— deployment, monitoring, managing, and governance.
Notebooks: Public Preview: Create interactive, computational environments that hosts code execution and rich media for various use cases and workflows.
No-Code AI Apps: Use a no-code interface to configure AI-powered applications and enable core DataRobot services (making predictions, optimizing target features, simulating scenarios).

Updated March 15, 2023
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