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Data public preview features

This section provides preliminary documentation for features currently in the public preview pipeline. If not enabled for your organization, the feature is not visible.

Although these features have been tested within the engineering and quality environments, they should not be used in production at this time. Note that public preview functionality is subject to change and that any Support SLA agreements are not applicable.

Availability information

Contact your DataRobot representative or administrator for information on enabling or disabling public preview features.

Available data public preview documentation

Public preview for... Describes...
Feature Discovery support in No-Code AI Apps Create No-Code AI Apps from Feature Discovery projects.
Data connection UI improvements Set up data connections in DataRobot using a more intuitive workflow.
Relationship Quality Assessment speed improvements Assess Feature Discovery relationship configurations faster by sampling approximately 10% of the primary dataset to run the Relationship Quality Assessment.
AI Catalog fast registration Quickly load large datasets to the AI Catalog using a faster registration process that ingests a preset number of rows.
AI Catalog impact analysis View additional details that show how other entities in the AI Catalog are related to or dependent on an asset.
Create and manage data connectors Add data connectors to DataRobot and create a data connection from a connector.
Enable governance workflows for Feature Discovery deployments Control updates to secondary dataset configurations with the deployment approval workflow for Feature Discovery projects.
Create feature lists in the Relationship Editor Create custom feature lists and transform features in the Relationship Editor.

Updated January 30, 2023
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