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Supported connections

This is a list of all the supported data stores, along with the latest certified version of their JDBC drivers. Some of the connectors are in preview.

Connection Connection type Version Notes
ADLS Gen2 (preview) Connector 2023.11.221435
Amazon Redshift Driver
AWS Athena Driver 2.0.35
Connector 2022.1.1670354484
Azure SQL Driver 12.4.1
Azure Synapse Driver 12.4.1
Databricks Driver 2.6.22
Databricks Connector
Exasol Driver 7.1.2
Google BigQuery Connector
InterSystems Driver 3.0.0
KDB+ * Driver 2019.11.11
Microsoft SQL Server 6.4 Driver 12.2.0
MySQL Driver 8.0.32
Oracle 6 Driver oracle-xe_11.2.0-1.0
Oracle 8 Driver
PostgreSQL Driver 42.5.1 JDBC 4.2
Presto Driver 0.216
SAP HANA Driver 2.15.10
Snowflake Driver 3.15.1
TD-Hive Driver 0.5.10
Treasure Data Driver Select the query engine you contracted for

* Only supported with JDBC, not with KDB native query language q

Self-Managed AI Platform

See Manage JDBC drivers for steps to upload JDBC drivers and Manage connectors for steps to add connectors to your organization.

Deprecated connections

Support is deprecated for these drivers and connectors:

Connection Connection type Version
ADLS Gen2 JDBC 2021.2.1634676262008; 2020.3.1605726437949
Apache Hive JDBC All
Amazon S3 JDBC 2020.3.1603724051432
Elasticsearch JDBC All
Google BigQuery JDBC spark-
Microsoft SQL Server JDBC 6.0


Older driver versions may still exist, but DataRobot recommends that you use the latest supported version of a connection.

Updated May 2, 2024