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Overview tab

When you select a model from the Deployments inventory page, DataRobot opens to that model's Overview page. The overview provides a model-specific summary that describes the deployment, including the information you supplied when creating the deployment and any model replacement activity.


Lists the user-supplied name and description entered when the deployment was added. Click the pencil icon () to change either text field; changes are reflected on the Deployment inventory page.


Provides deployment-specific details, including the:

  • Dataset used to create the model.
  • Target specified when the model was built.
  • Model that this deployment uses.
  • Project name. Click to open the Data page for the deployed project (and use the browser back button to return).


Reports the timestamp for the model's creation and deployment, as well as the username of the person responsible for the action. The history change log reflects any model replacement activities linked to the deployment.

Updated October 26, 2021
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