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Code intelligence

This page describes the coding intelligence features included in the code cells of DataRobot Notebooks.

Code snippets

DataRobot provides a set of pre-defined code snippets, inserted as cells in a notebook, for commonly used methods in the DataRobot API as well as other data science tasks. These include connecting to external data sources, deploying a model, creating a model factory, and more. Access code snippets by selecting the code icon in the sidebar.

Docstrings reference

When using a specific method or class, use the Shift + Tab keyboard shortcut directly from the code editor to query docstrings. Additional documentation appears as an overlay.


When editing code, you can autocomplete lines using the Tab key. To activate autocompletion, you must first configure and start the notebook environment.

Syntax highlighting

When writing code in code cells, DataRobot highlights syntax for the language set in the notebook environment. Below is a sample of syntax highlighting for Python:

Updated June 26, 2023