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On-premise users: click in-app to access the full platform documentation for your version of DataRobot.

Edit no-code applications

On the Applications tab, click Open next to the application you want to manage and click Build. The Build page allows you to modify the configuration of an application using widgets. Before the app opens, you must sign in with DataRobot and authorize access.

These sections describe the configurable elements of No-Code AI Apps:

Topic Describes...
Pages Add or remove pages to organize and group application insights.
Widgets Add, remove, and configure widgets—tools for surfacing insights, creating visualizations, and using applications.
What-if and Optimizer widget Configure the What-if and Optimizer widget—a single widget that provides scenario comparison and optimizer tools.
Settings Modify general configuration information and permissions, as well as view usage details.

UI overview

  Element Description
1 Pages panel Allows you to rename, reorder, add, hide, and delete application pages.
2 Widget panel Allows you to add widgets to your application.
3 Settings Modifies general configurations and permissions as well as displays app usage.
4 Documentation Opens the DataRobot documentation for No-Code AI Apps.
5 Editing page dropdown Controls the application page you are currently editing. To view a different page, click the dropdown and select the page you want to edit. Click Manage pages to open the Pages panel.
6 Preview Previews the application on different devices.
7 Go to app / Publish Opens the end-user application, where you can make new predictions, as well as view prediction results and widget visualizations. After editing an application, this button displays Publish, which you must click to apply your changes.
8 Widget actions Moves, hides, edits, and deletes widgets.

Updated February 15, 2024