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Register custom models as model packages

You can create a model package for a custom inference model to replace the model package in existing deployments with a new one, or to share with another user who wants to deploy your custom model package.

When you have successfully created and tested a custom inference model, you have the option to add it to the Model Registry as a model package. To do so, navigate to Model Registry > Custom Model Workshop and select the custom model you wish to add.

Under the Test and Deploy tab, click Add to registry.

The custom model is then added to the Model Registry. The Add to registry link is replaced with View registry package, which if clicked, takes you to your newly created model package in the registry under the Model Packages tab.

Note that although a model package can be created without testing the custom model, DataRobot recommends that you confirm the model passes testing before proceeding. Untested custom models prompt a dialog box warning that the custom model is not tested.

For untested custom models, click Test now to start a model test, or Create package without testing to proceed with the creation of a model package.

Updated February 8, 2023
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