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Click in-app to access the full platform documentation for your version of DataRobot.

Downloads tab

The model's Downloads tab allows you to download model artifacts as described below.


The Downloads tab previously contained Scoring Code for downloading. Scoring Code is now available from the Leaderboard or a deployment.

To access the Downloads tab, select a model on the Leaderboard and click Predict > Downloads.


The artifacts available depend on your installation and which features are enabled.

Download Exportable Charts: Download a single ZIP archive containing charts, graphs, and data for the model. Charts and graphs are exported in PNG format; model data is exported in CSV format.

Download exportable charts

Click the orange Download link to download a ZIP archive of model information. To save individual charts and graphs, use the Export button, described in the section on exporting. The archive contains the following model types:

Chart Name Image Data
Hot Spots
Lift Chart
Feature Effects *
Feature Impact
ROC Curve
Variable Effects (Coefficients)
Tree-Based Variable Importance

* If computed, you can export the chart image for individual features. If you choose to export a ZIP file, you will get all of the chart images and the CSV files for partial dependence and predicted vs. actual data.

Updated February 24, 2023
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