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Speed vs Accuracy

Predictive accuracy often comes at the price of increased prediction runtime. The Speed vs Accuracy analysis plot shows the tradeoff between runtime and predictive accuracy and helps you choose the best model with the lowest overhead. The Speed vs Accuracy display is based on the validation score, using the currently selected metric.

  • The Y-axis lists the metric currently selected on the Leaderboard. To change metric, switch to the Leaderboard, change the metric via the Metric dropdown, and then return to Speed vs Accuracy.

  • The X-axis displays the estimated time, in milliseconds, to make 1000 predictions. Total prediction times include a variety of factors and vary based on the implementation. Mouse over any point on the graph, or the model name in the legend to the right, to display the estimated time and the score.


If you re-order the Leaderboard display, for example to sort by cross-validation score, the Speed vs Accuracy graph continues to plot the top 10 models based on validation score.

Updated October 26, 2021