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ROC Curve tools

The ROC Curve tab provides tools for exploring classification, performance, and statistics related to a selected model at any point on the probability scale. The following topics show how to use these tools:

Topic Description
Use the ROC Curve tools Accessing the ROC Curve tab and understanding its components.
Select data and display threshold Setting the data source and display threshold used for ROC Curve visualizations.
Confusion matrix Using a confusion matrix to evaluate model accuracy by comparing actual versus predicted values.
Prediction Distribution graph Viewing the distribution of actual values in relation to the display threshold.
ROC curve Using a ROC curve to view a plot of the true positive rate against the false positive rate for given data source.
Profit curve Generating a profit curve to estimate the business impact of a selected model.
Cumulative charts Generating charts to help assess a model's cumulative characteristics.
Custom charts Generating your own charts to explore classification, performance, and statistics for a model.
Metrics Viewing statistics that describe model performance at the selected display threshold.

Updated June 24, 2024