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Eureqa advanced tuning

Eureqa models use expressions to represent mathematical relationships and transformations. You can tune your Eureqa models by modifying building blocks, customizing the target expression, and modifying other model parameters, such as support for building blocks, error metrics, row weighting, and data splitting. To customize a Eureqa model, select the model from the Leaderboard and then click Evaluate > Advanced Tuning.

The following sections detail specialized workflows for tuning Eureqa models:

Topic Describes...
Tune Eureqa models Customize Eureqa models by modifying Advanced Tuning parameters.
Configure building blocks Combine and configure building blocks to create a new target expression.
Building blocks reference Definitions and usage of building blocks available to Eureqa models.
Customize target expressions Custom tune Eureqa models by modifying the target expression.
Configure error metrics Optimize for different error metrics.
Guidance for using error metrics Understand the top error metrics for different problem types.
Configure row weighting Improve model performance with weighting.

Updated October 26, 2021