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Deployment reports

Ongoing monitoring reports are a critical step of deployment and governance. DataRobot allows you to download deployment reports from MLOps, compiling deployment status, charts, and overall quality into a sharable report. Deployment reports are compatible with all deployment types.

Generate a deployment report

To generate a report for a deployment, select it from the inventory and navigate to the Overview tab.

  1. Select Generate Report now.

  2. Configure the report settings. Select the model used, the date range, and the date resolution (the granularity of comparison for the deployment's statistics within the specified time range). Once configured, click Generate report.

  3. Allow some time for the report generation process to complete. Once finished, select the eye icon to view the report in your browser, or the download icon to view it locally.

Schedule deployment reports

In addition to manual creation, DataRobot allows you to manage a schedule to generate deployment reports automatically. To do so, navigate to the Settings > Notifications tab.

  1. Select Create new report schedule.

  2. Complete the fields to fully configure the schedule:

    Field Description
    Additional recipients
  3. After fully determining the report schedule, click Save report schedule. The reports will automatically generate at the configured dates and times.

Updated December 28, 2021
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