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Portable Prediction Server

The Portable Prediction Server (PPS) is a remote DataRobot execution environment for DataRobot model packages (MLPKG files) distributed as a self-contained Docker image. It can host one or more production models. The models are accessible through DataRobot's Prediction API for predictions and Prediction Explanations.

Availability information

The Portable Prediction Server is a feature exclusive to DataRobot MLOps. Contact your DataRobot representative for information on enabling it.

Topic Describes
Portable Prediction Server Downloading and configuring the Portable Prediction Server.
Portable Prediction Server running modes Configuring the Portable Prediction Server for single-model or multi-model running mode.
Portable batch predictions Scoring datasets in batches on a remote environment with the Portable Prediction Server.
Custom model Portable Prediction Server Downloading and configuring the custom model Portable Prediction Server.

CPU considerations

DataRobot strongly recommends using an Intel CPU to run the Portable Prediction Server. Using non-Intel CPUs can result in prediction inconsistencies, especially in deep learning models like those built with Tensorflow or Keras. This includes ARM architecture processors (e.g., AArch32 and AArch64).

Updated May 16, 2024