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Data connections

The AI Catalog is a browsable and searchable collection of registered objects that contains definitions and relationships between various object types. These definitions and relationships include data connections, data sources, data metadata, and blueprints.

Topic Describes...
Stored data credentials Add and manage securely stored credentials for reuse in accessing secure data sources.
Share secure configurations IT admins can configure OAuth-based authentication parameters for a data connection, and then securely share them with other users without exposing sensitive fields.
Connect to data stores Set up connections to data stores using DataRobot provided connectors or a “self-service” JDBC platform.
Register data in the AI Catalog from a data connection Register data in the catalog from a new or existing data connection.
Supported data stores View a list of supported and deprecated data stores along with the details on how to connect to them in DataRobot.

Updated November 15, 2023