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Transform data

DataRobot supports multiple methods of feature engineering— automatic and manual feature transformations for single datasets, as well as Feature Discovery for multiple datasets. Learn guidelines and best practices for using DataRobot's feature engineering tools.

Topic Describes...
Transform primary datasets Automatic and manual transformations, as well as interaction-based feature creation within a single dataset.
Feature Discovery with multiple datasets Multi-dataset, interaction-based feature creation.

More info...

The topics below include additional information on transforming data:

Topic Describes...
Prepare data in AI Catalog with Spark SQL Enrich, transform, shape, and blend together datasets using Spark SQL queries within the AI Catalog.
Shape data Use data shaping tools to deduplicate, group, transpose, and pivot data.
Attach datasets Perform lookup, join, and append operations on your dataset.

Updated October 13, 2021
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