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The Understand tabs explain what drives a model’s predictions:

Leaderboard tabs Description Source
Cluster Insights Visualizes the groupings of data that result from modeling in clustering mode, an unsupervised learning technique. Training data
Feature Effects Visualizes the effect of changes in the value of each feature on the model’s predictions. Training data prior to v5.0; Training, Validation, Holdout (selectable) in v5.0+
Feature Impact Provides a high-level visualization that identifies which features are most strongly driving model decisions. Training data
Prediction Explanations Illustrates what drives predictions on a row-by-row basis using XEMP or SHAP methodology. Low and high thresholds and baseline prediction based on Validation data (XEMP) or training data (SHAP)
Word Cloud Displays the most relevant words and short phrases in word cloud format. Training data

Updated August 23, 2023