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Specialized workflows

The following sections describe alternative workflows for a variety of specialized data types:

Topic Description
Bias and Fairness Access an index page for quick links to all Bias and Fairness content.
Composable ML Build custom blueprints using built-in tasks and custom Python/R code.
Document AI Learn how to use PDF documents as an input to modeling.
Location AI Use geospatial analysis on spatial data.
Unsupervised learning Work with unlabeled or partially labeled data to detect patterns, such as anomalies and clusters).
Visual AI Apply visual learning to image data.
Multilabel modeling Perform modeling in which each row in a dataset is associated with one, several, or zero labels.
OTV Date/time partitioning for non-time series modeling.
Text AI resources Access links to the DataRobot Text AI functionality for working with text and viewing insights.

Updated June 24, 2024